Notable Games

Cooks in the Barred Openings Games and analysis of two ingenious cooks with which Bob Podoff won the US mailplay championship.

The First World Title Match The games of the historic 1847 match between Andrew Anderson and James Wyllie, presented with animated board by your webmaster.

A Gonotsky Gem Previously unpublished masterpiece of the immortal Sam Gonotsky, by Bob Podoff.

The Sphinx Bob Podoff supplies another classic game on the dyke opening, brilliantly won by the immortal Sam Gonotsky, with notes by George Miller.

That Old Oldbury Magic A pretty game from the 1987 International Match.

Carter's Corner Canadian Mailplay Champion Bill Carter annotates the first game of the recent World Mailplay Championship match.

Games from the British Open 2000 A selection of games from the British Open by reigning champion William Docherty.

The Longest Game The longest game that Wyllie Draughts ever played.

Henry Christie Bob Podoff on the high scorer of the British team in the 2nd International match in 1927. Includes a game Christie v Gonotsky.

What If... Bob Podoff reflects on players who missed the First and Second International matches in 1905 and 1927. Includes a game R Stewart v A Schaefer.

Practice Makes Perfect A pair of friendly games on the Tyne (10-15 21-17 9-13) opening between William Docherty and Wyllie Draughts played in preparation for the World Title Eliminator match 2001.