Famous Players

The Herd Laddie A biography of James Wyllie, after whom the program is named, by Chris Reekie.

Found at last - Wyllie's birthday New research reveals the true date of the Herd Laddie's birth, by Chris Reekie.

Portrait of the Herd Laddie Fine old painting of James Wyllie

Anderson: The First World Champion A biography of Andrew Anderson, first World Champion, by Norrie Reid.

The Anderson - Wyllie matches Contemporary account of these early historic encounters by Anderson's second, John McKerrow.

James Sinclair The man who gave the Glasgow opening it's name, author and player James Sinclair, by Chris Reekie and Norrie Reid.

John Drummond (1806-1881) A biography of author and master player John Drummond, by Norrie Reid.

The Letter Writer: John McKerrow (1816-1910) A biography of master player John McKerrow, by Norrie Reid.

Robert Martins (1822-1904) A biography of World Champion Robert Martins, by Norrie Reid.

William Strickland (1849-1887) A biography of the great blindfold player William Strickland with an animated demonstration of the famous endgame that bears his name, by your webmaster.

James Ferrie (1857-1929) A biography of World Champion James Ferrie, by Norrie Reid.

Robert D Yates (1857 - 1885) A brief biography of World Champion Robert Yates by your webmaster.

James Searight (1869-1939) A biography of Glasgow Champion James Searight, by Norrie Reid.

Richard Jordan (1872-1911) A biography of World Champion Richard Jordan, by Norrie Reid.

Robert Stewart (1873-1941) A biography of World Champion Robert Stewart, by Norrie Reid and Norrie Stewart.

"Wee George" Buchanan (1876-1910) A biography of boy champion George Buchanan, by Norrie Reid.

Clarence Freeman, "World Beater" A biography of this great but little known American champion, by Bob Podoff.

George M Tanner Bob Podoff tells the story of one of the great unsung heroes of the game, George Tanner, who was prevented from fulfilling his dream of representing America by racist bigotry.

Henry Christie Bob Podoff on the high scorer of the British team in the 2nd International match of 1927. Includes a game Christie v Gonotsky.

The Immortal Sam Gonotsky (1902-1929) A biography of the great Sam Gonotsky, by Bob Podoff.

The Iron Man Obituary of "Iron Man" Asa Long by British match play champion Richard Pask.

Sam Levy (1914-1938) Brief Biography of World Champion Sam Levy, by Bob Podoff.

Marion Tinsley: Human Perfection at Checkers? Dr Jonathan Schaeffer (head of the Chinook team) reflects on the genius of Marion Tinsley.

Derek Oldbury Obituary of author and World champion player Derek Oldbury by Martin Bryant.

William Edwards: Tournament King Lindus Edwards presents a biography of his father William Edwards, one of the UK's finest players and winner of dozens of championships.