Key Positions

First Position The most commonly seen endgame win there is.

Second Position The second most commonly seen endgame win.

7 Piece Endgame Databases Some examples of Wyllie's endgame ability due to these databases, featuring corrections of Newell Banks, Sam Gonotsky and John Bradford, some of which are new to published play.

Strickland's Position A famous 7-piece ending that causes great difficulty to most draughts programs. Wyllie Draughts solves this instantly due to the 7-piece endgame database.

The Royal Tour An original draughts problem composed by your webmaster.

The Boston Strangler Another draughts problem also composed by your webmaster.

A Database Dilema Resolved A position that appeared to reveal a discrepancy between WCC and Wyllie Draughts endgame databases