Web Links

Here are some links to other sites that may be of interest to draughts players.

English Draughts Association The English Draughts Association's brand new site with lots of UK news and information.

Al Lyman's ACF site Al Lyman's site dedicated to the American Checkers Federation. A large site with plenty to interest all players from novice to master - famous players, endings, openings, history of the game and analysis by former US Mailplay champion Al Lyman. I think this is the best checkers site on the web.

Jim Loy's checker pages Jim Loy's Checker Pages - an excellent checkers site packed with checkers information and history, famous games, endings, shots and opening analysis. This is one of the best checker sites on the net.

Best 10 The best first 10-20 moves - an excellent summary of published play in the most popular openings by Al Lyman.

Arthur Olsen's Site Arthur Olsen's checker site where you can download software to make your own checker diagrams like this one.

Jean-Bernard Alemanni's pages Jean-Bernard Alemani's site covers many different forms of draughts, including the English 8x8 game.

NorthWest Draughts Federation The NorthWest Draughts Federation, a Federation of clubs and individuals across the North-West of Ireland. An excellent web site with news, games, events, history, openings, endings, tactics, quotes and more! Well worth a visit.

Lancashire Draughts Association The Lancashire Draughts Association, last year's English counties champions. News about draughts in Lancashire, newsletter archive and more....

Oklahoma Checkers Association The Oklahoma Checker Association website, run by Victor Habgood, the new state champion of Oklahoma, who has been a frequent sparring partner for Wyllie Draughts during its development.

Checker Solutions

The Checker Solutions bulletin board is a forum for all interested in draughts, especially in the UK, operated by World Mailplay Champion George Miller. Unmoderated.

Play Chinook Play against the famous Chinook program. This is not the full version that played Dr Tinsley, but is still a tough oponent for most players. You can also download the famous Chinook 8-piece database at this site.

Howard Gain's site Howard Gain's site makes a welcome return to the internet.