The Worst BEMO Ever Played - Part 3

Now we come to the great 6th American Tourney held at the Hotel Alamac, New York City from April 29th to May 14th, 1924. This was a very fancy Hotel located on Broadway at 71st Street. The Tourney was played in "The Japanese Room" a fine banquet/ballroom very well lit and most appropriate for this event! This great Tourney was perhaps the grandest and most glorious ever staged! They raised $2,130 for prizes! By today's standards equivalent to over $40,000! Thirty-three players entered, some of them the best in the United States and The World! There were hundreds of spectators, fans, friends and the curious, and there was full newspaper coverage. John F. Horr was confident, he was primed , he was pumped up , he was ready to win this Tourney! He was in my opinion the most prepared and in the best position to win this Tourney! He was experienced, he was talented, he had the ability, he had the manuscript, he was loaded with cooks galore and he was the foremost authority in the world on the barred openings! This last was most important, because he could hold his own with anybody for 10 games and then he would have a decided advantage when the barred openings were chosen to break the tie! However, he had a fatal weakness or flaw! He was subject to missing a critical win or a critical draw! Or as I like to state it :- He sometimes could not administer the knockout punch! Just like Jack Dempsey was unable to administer the knockout punch to Gene Tunney in their Championship fight! For example: in the previous year he beat Asa Long but he missed 3 wins and a critical draw. In the 5th rd. of this Tourney he had Ginsberg at his mercy! He had Ginsberg down and out but could not administer the knockout punch! He missed a critical win and should have beaten Ginsberg and won the heat! Next in the 7th round against Jordan in the 10th game of the heat Horr sprung another one of his amazing cooks on Jordan, he was a piece ahead, he had Jordan down and out, he had him badly beaten and he should have won the heat and then advance to the finals against Gonotsky! But no that was not to be! Again he could not administer the knockout punch to Jordan! As he made his terrible big BEMO and he lost the game and the heat to Jordan! Also in 1927 in the 2nd International Match he made the fine score of 3 to 0 and 37 draws! He was one of "The Big Five" in the 2nd International Match to go undefeated! But again true to form he missed 3 wins! The five were: Gonotsky 13-0-27; Banks 10-0-30; Lieber 8-0-32; O'Grady 5-0-35 and Horr 3-0-37. It is now Wednesday, April 30, 1924 and the first round begins:

Rd. 1 Horr defeats H.C. MacNair --- 1 to 0 and 3 draws
Rd. 2 Horr defeats R.B. McCoy------- 2 to 0 and 1 draw
Rd. 3 Horr defeats Willie Ryan------- 2 to 0 and 1 draw In Game 2 Horr uses a cook to win, correcting Shearer's Handbook!
Rd. 4 Horr defeats E.C. Waterhouse 1 to 0 and 11 draws! After 10 draws the barred openings are played. Mr. Horr wins game 11 and draws game 12 easily! Note: in round 2 Waterhouse beats Jordan 1-0-3 and Horr beats Waterhouse in round 4!
So to recap after 4 rounds: Horr has 6 wins and 0 losses and has won all 4 rounds!
Rd. 5 Horr loses to Ginsberg by the score of 1 to 0 and 5 draws. But as we all now know Horr missed a win and a draw, and should have won this round beating Ginsberg! And then getting into the finals with Gonotsky.
Rd. 6 Horr defeats S.S. Bell----------2 to 0 and one draw Note: Bell was a very strong crossboard player and missed a win on Ginsberg in round 4! Bell came in tied for 5TH & 6TH ahead of Tanner, who came in 7th! In game 2 of this heat Horr sprung another excellent cook! He should have won this game and all 3 games of the heat! But true to form, sadly he missed another critical win!
Rd. 7 Alfred Jordan v John F. Horr--- Nine games were quickly drawn and then we come to game 10 which in the Tourney book is Game no. 329 and can be found on page 259.

Black------Horr EDINBURGH White------Jordan

Checker Animator courtesy of Hans L'Hoest
Graphics courtesy of It's Your Turn